Engineering - Ampson specialises in injection molding, sheet metal, rubber, fabrication and sub assemblies. The company has really put its stamp in the Indian automotive, electrical, telecom and consumer stationary market. The company manufactures parts that include all types of metal, plastic and rubber and operates a very client specific supply chain.


Tooling - Ampson has been in the tool making industry for over 40 years and has a vast experience of making tools for automotive, industrial, electrical, telecom and consumer market products. The company is able to multi cavity hot or cold runner tool as the requirement may be. The company has an in-house tool room consisting of multiple CNC machines, EDM machine and other conventional machines.


Chemical - Over the past 3 years, the company has diversified into distribution of speciality chemicals as an add-on to the engineering business. It has seen much success over the past 3 years and built a robust client base with peak customer satisfaction when it comes to cost and delivery reliability. The company is now looking to expand the portfolio and add more products to its existing basket.